How To Set Up Email On iPod Touch or iPhone

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I looked around for a while in lots of different places and couldn’t find any tutorials that told you how to set up a mail account that is privately hosted, with your iPod Touch or iPhone. This gave me a perfect opportunity to be the first one to teach everyone that doesn’t know. So if you have been wondering how to do this, keep reading, because I think I can help.

For this tutorial you don’t need to have it be jailbroken. First get out your iPhone or iPod Touch and make sure you have the mail application already installed. Then go to settings and mail. Choose add account and pick other. Now you need to open up your mail client with your privately hosted mail account in it.

For me this program is Outlook Express so if you’re running anything else you will just have to try and follow along.

If you are using Outlook Express, then go to Tools, then Accounts. Find your account you want for your iPod Touch and select it. Once this is done, just click on the properties button. Click on the servers tab and at teh top it should say, “My incoming mail server is”. Whatever it says after that is the tab you are going to click on your iPhone / iPod Touch.

Now, back on your iPod Touch, fill in the name and address blanks. To find your host name go back to your computer and under the servers tab again take whats in the incoming mail spot and put that in the host name blank on your iPod Touch.

Now for the username and password, to find these look under the servers tab again and in the middle there should be a spot that says account and password. Take those and put those in the user name and password blanks on your iPod Touch.

Now last, but not least the host name that is under outgoing mail server (SMTP). For this just look right under where you got the other host name that was for the incoming mail server. Just take that and fill it in on the iPod Touch. Leave the last username and password blank and click save in the top right corner. This may take a while and might come up with some kind of error. If it does, be sure to check for misspellings. If it says cannot connect using SMTP click try without and when its done just send a test email to that address and check it on your iPod Touch / iPhone. If it shows up then your good to go. If it doesn’t just let me know and I’ll try to walk you through it.

If you can’t figure out how to make a mail account for an email that is hosted by Yahoo or Google or something else, leave a comment and let me know if I should make another post on how to do that. I didn’t originally make one on that because there are already plenty out there, but I would be happy to make one anyway!