How to Lose Weight and Watch What You Eat

You’ve read my weight loss tips. It’s been a couple of years since I wrote that, and (for the most part) I’ve been able to maintain that weight. I’ve had minor weight fluctuations since then, but in recent months had noticed a slightly fatter face (and the less couth watching my live stream were quick to point it out to me). I was past my 10 pound threshold, and decided to stop drinking coffee again – a habit that has been nearly impossible to kick, but I hope I’m really past it this time.

Lucky for me, my license for CalorieKing’s software still applied – even on Mac OS X. I fired ‘er up and started keeping track. It’s been a little over a month since I re-started, and I’m incredibly close to my goal weight. It’s been quite simple, thanks to the math and prior knowledge. All you really need to know is how many calories it takes to “live” and lose weight – the rest is just putting that into practice. That’s the hard part. 🙂

The results do speak for themselves (at least, they do to me). I figured it’d take longer to get to this point, but I’m certainly in the home stretch. I won’t likely return to a regular regimen until some point in early 2009, but I’m not sure I’m going to keep using this software while I’m stable (not losing weight, not gaining weight). Maybe that’ll keep me from doing too much or too little over the course of any given day?

Losing weight isn’t always fun, and I’ve never been much on exercise (that’s why I always take the low-impact approach). There is no perfect lifestyle, just a close-to-perfect lifestyle for you. Everybody is different, internally and externally – you have to find your own perfection and your own path. Just… try to find it before it’s too late?

No matter, here’s a demonstration of what I use to help me lose weight and watch what I eat:

It’s the best one out there, for either platform. And if you still haven’t read my weight loss tips yet, there’s no time like the present to do it.