Gift Ideas for the Christmas Holiday Season

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With the holidays coming up once again, I’ve been asked to give a roundup of gift suggestions. I decided to look around my house, to see what I had. I started asking myself what I’d like to give as a gift, or what my friends and family would want to receive from me.

The first item I came up with is a large, sharp knife. There are just so many things you can do with them! You can well… cut things! There’s always something that needs to be cut, right? Sharp knives are also a lot of fun to run around the house with! My Mom always encouraged my brothers and I to do this when we were little.

My number two suggestion is fire! You can keep things warm. You can also use fire to get rid of any excess paper that you have after you open a gift. Fire is also one of those things you wouldn’t think about giving, but there you have it. It’s free, so it won’t even cost you anything to give!

Number three on my list of must-have items to give has to be a laser pointer. These are great for pointing directly in someone’s eyes! You’ve done that, right? You can also take it with you to a movie theater. Point at the screen so that everyone can see exactly what it is you are talking loudly about.

My number four suggestion is bleach. I wouldn’t use bleach on my dark clothes. I use it on my white clothes though, of course. Sometimes on occasion, I put the bottle in my drink cabinet on accident. The bottle looks kind of like the chocolate milk container. A lot of people would use bleach to clean things though, so it could be a good gift.

Number five is prescription medicine. Even if the person doesn’t have any prescriptions of their own, maybe they always wanted to get some! If you have something lying around you don’t use anymore, why not re-gift it? You never know when it might help them feel a little better. It’s legal right? I mean, it was prescribed by a doctor!

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