Are You in a Rock Band – or are You a Guitar Hero?

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Geeks have been begging me to start playing either Rock Band or Guitar Hero. I thought that if I’m going to spend my time playing something like that, I want it to be a real musical instrument. I know that learning the hand-eye coordination is a huge plus though. You can develop your skills that way. But have you thought about using your keyboard? Why not check out JamLegend. Think of it as a sort of online Guitar Hero or Rock Band.

JamLegend enables features never before available in games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Enjoy a potentially unlimited song list through a new platform allowing artists to promote their music in an engaging way. JamLegend features massive online multiplayer for real-time showdowns between thousands of players, as well as turn based competition for dueling with a friend. Robust social features, leaderboards, real-time notifications, and social network integration round out the features list. Best of all, it’s free.

You can set up tournaments if you want. It shows who you’re playing with on the side. You can duel a friend and start a showdown. Stats are available for anyone on the site. So if you really think you’re the master, you might consider trying JamLegend.


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