How do You Manage Your Email Inbox?

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How much email do you get on a daily basis? I receive a ton of it, and I’m sure many of you do as well. There is a lot that demands my attention. I tend to forward some of them to people who manage certain tasks for me. I tend to freak out if there are very many emails piled up waiting for my attention, so I try to stay on top of them throughout the day. There may come a time when I’ve got to get away from the email. I could be on vacation, or speaking at a conference. I can’t ignore everything in my email. What if there are certain things I need to be notified of right away. This is why I’ve signed up for AwayFind.

Productivity experts have long suggested “batching” as the solution to dealing with email and freeing up more of our time. Batching is essentially grouping similar tasks together to improve both productivity and quality of work. When applied to email, it simply means checking it less often—and processing all the messages once when you do check. In addition to making it easier to clear our inboxes, this offers the benefit of removing email distractions from the rest of our day.

That’s where AwayFind comes in. By adding a link to your AwayFind page in your auto response message, people have a way to notify you via an alternative, non-intrusive method—text messages on your cell phone (rest assured, though, your phone number is not displayed). Better yet, messages can be automatically delegated to co-workers who may be able to solve the problem without your involvement.

It just… makes sense. You can free yourself from the chains of your Inbox, and get on with other things you need to accomplish. Why keep yourself tethered when you can just get so much more DONE??


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