Kris Krug – Photography Tips

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Kris Krug is part photographer and part open source web entrepreneur. After publishing an online arts magazine, Kris joined Bryght – a community web hosting service which helped create an eco-system of related companies in Vancouver, BC. Kris regularly speaks at conferences and to media about technology and community building in the Internet age. He’s an organizer of Northern Voice blogging conference as well as BarCamps in Beijing and Shanghai, China. Kris moonlights as a fashion and editorial photographer, shooting subjects from dot-com executives to fashion models to rock bands, as well as producing grassroots coverage of events like SXSW and Olympic Games in Turin and Beijing. Find his work online on Flickr and and in numerous online and print media outlets.

Kris was full of amazing tips for all of us, on taking great snapshots of people. We know that many of you take tons of pictures at each conference you attend, and we wanted to help out in that arena. Photos last a lifetime, and these are no exception.

On a side note, the picture he took of Ponzi and Miriam turned out beautifully, as Ponzi had hoped.


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