Live Video Streaming from an iPhone

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I’m streaming live from my iPhone, using Qik. How cool is this? With Qik, you can share with anyone and everyone what’s going on anywhere and everywhere you go.

Really neat. I wonder if Apple will even approve this app. It would certainly eat tons of bandwidth off the AT&T network. Although some VOIP apps have passed the vetting process. – ….

I’m trying not to get my hopes up for the same reason. – Occasional Headbanger

Not too bad. – Christopher Harley

they could avoid the AT&T/cellular bandwidth issues by making it WiFi only, like Fring and other VOIP apps. – Josh Bancroft

Yes, a good point, but I think making the app "wi-fi only" would suck most of the fun and spontaneous nature from it. – ….

On a side note, does anyone here know if is down? Verizon is telling me that the site is dead. – James Mowery

I want Qik for my G1! – TAD (HARD OF HEARING)

qik would be stupid as wifi only – Michael J. Cohen (mjc)

Yep, Hulu is down on my end as well. I suspect it is a major outage. My ISP is not Verizon. – ….

@hulusupport on Twitter just followed me after I tweeted about it. It is indeed an outtage. They said it should be back up soon though. – James Mowery

when you say "regular" are you referring to a non jail broken iphone? – Justin Korn

wow, and the picture looks great too. This will be awesome when they release it. – Adam Turetzky

What do you mean by "regular iPhone"? The older EDGE model? or a non-jailbroken iPhone? – Carlos Granier-Phelps

This is on the Qik blog: "Qikkers and Qik fans out there – I want to clarify the questions that are being raised about Qik coming to iPhone App Store. We are looking into this, but at present are not sure when and how this will happen." – Carlos Granier-Phelps

i wish ff could grab qik post – videopixil

I’m not elite enough to get it early 🙁 I got the jailbroken early but they don’t like me any more. 🙁 – Jesse Stay

Have you checked out Qik yet? What are your experiences with it?