Does Your Computer Have a Name?

I know that many people name their computers and notebooks. For instance, Kat admits that her primary machine is named ‘Pegasus’. Her old Dell is called ‘Excelsior’, and her Mac Mini is named ‘Apollo’. I asked several others what they may or may not call their machines. Take a look at what they had to say.

There are several names I scream at my PC – Mark VandenBerg

I have two PC’s…Mulder & Scully. – Duarte

Babcia’s Computer…my grandmother in Poland bought it for me when I started college. Has a lot of sentimental value to me. – Mattie Kenny

No. I got put off for a while when all my friends would creepily name all their PCs and pocket devices after various anime characters. Yes, they would even kiss them :¬( I have been reconsidering naming a future PC I’m planning on buying though. Something like Grave Mind or Mental Ray. – CannonGod

Spinntop, Hey Mr. DJ & Obelisk. At least that’s what they’re named on the network. – Bradley McSpinn

I call my pc Maverick. – K Welch

I’ve named our PCs after anime characters before. I’ve also named them after Temari patterns (usually flowers in Japanese like "kiku" for "chrysanthemum"), and words that I like in Japanese (like "kawaii" meaning "extremely cute"). Most recently I just started naming them after Aikido techniques ("ikkyo" and "nikkyo": "first technique" and "second technique", for instance). Japanese is fun because it makes everything sound cool. – Lindsay Donaghe

Lappy, like Strong Bad’s. We got them at the same time. 🙂 – Cyndy

The router’s hostname is "imladris" so I name my computers after Lord of the Rings characters. The Powerbook is frodo. The MacBook Pro is gimli. The PS3, if I could give it a name, would be sauron. 😉 – James Williams (willia4)

my laptop is named raistlin, my other laptop is flyingsquirrel – Jason Shultz

It’s O-S-C-A-R. oh, wait, that’s my bologna. … – Andre Maltais

I have a Mac Mini as a server near the TV. It’s called Colossus. Our linux server near the router is Titan. The Windows box is called Banshee. My MacBook Pro is Dragonstalker (yeah, corny) – Glenn Batuyong

servers: stewie, kramer, & papabear, computer: pimpdaddy – Justin Korn

There is no mini, only Zuul. (my apple mini media machine – the only named computer) – Jennifer Dittrich

Yes, iMac and Macbook Pro – ☛ Adam Helweh ☚

I have Chris-PC, Eee-Bert, Bitch basement, My PocketPC is Hymie and MonsterServer – Christopher Welle

all my pc’s are named after transformers and my drive volumes/shares are named after muppets. – alphaxion

I don’t name the machine but I do name my hard drive partitions. My main Mac partition is Masamune while the PC Bootcamp partition is Muramasa. – saeba

Mine’s called Bert. – Kol Tregaskes

Holmes – Rodfather

It’s called "Dicker" (Chubby)´. – ※Fu※

My computer doesn’t have a name, but each seperate harddisc does, just like the memorycards of my cellphones & mediaplayers. Zijperspace, zijperspees, minispace, microspace, wederspace, gigaspace, etc… Anyway, plenty of space. – Ton Zijp

They are all named Nunya – Josh Haley

Yep. Athena. – Steven "Joe" Perez

tdonaghexplt – sexy – Tad – the Meme Maker

RMLK223 work computer. – Caroline

Of course yes! Everyone of my computers did. This laptop is named Salmón – Andrés Meza

no, but my network devices do. Fry and Leela are the two networked hard drives, and the router/ wifi devices are Zoidberg and Bender – Duncan Riley

I’m curious… what do you call your machines? Come on, spill it. Tell the rest of the World!