Got Any Good Geeky Relationship Advice?

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I’m not an expert on anything, even though I may get introduced as such sometimes. I tend to dismiss that label every time. I got an email from TheMacinJosh. He has a good question that many of you may either identify with, or have some answers to.

I’m sure glad I went back to the chat room, and I’m sorry I missed out on it for so long! Anyway, my question is not tech related, but you usually always have good answers.
I’ve recently become single, and am wondering what the best way is to approach a girl I might find attractive. It’s difficult sometimes in situations where you aren’t exactly encountering them for any other reason. How might I start a conversation out of the blue, without it coming off as weird? The same thing goes for online. If I find someone on a social networking site that looks interesting, how do you think I should reach out to them without coming off as weird and awkward?

I’m somewhat successful with the whole relationship thing, I suppose, since I’m married. Marriage, for better or worse, is a relationship that will have good days… as well as not-so-good ones. Do I have advice for others? Of course I do. The first thing to remember is to not be overly eager. The more eager you are, the more it will make the other person shy away.

Confidence, as opposed to eagerness, is good. Don’t go overboard and become egotistical. But being confident about yourself, and comfortable within yourself, allows the other party to have confidence in you. You usually need to step outside of yourself, and that can be terrifying for some people. When you are faced with that situation, be confident in who you are. Know your strengths and weakenesses.

Think beyond the other person. You may be attracted to them, but ultimately it’s about finding common interests. Heck, it could be differences that bring you together to begin with. It’s finding things out about them over a course of time, and not just what they might post to their profile. At times, you can honestly get to know someone from the inside out better online than you can in “real life”. People tend to be a little more open about what’s inside of them when they aren’t so focused on how they come across with their appearance. Approach it in a casual fashion. Sit back, watch and share.


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