On Community-Created Content…

First, we’re going to try a “Caption This” community content creation experiment. Then, I’m going to do my best to cover these points (or at least bring them up for discussion):

  • The best community tools can’t be built.
  • People exist everywhere online, as does the idea of community.
  • Content is a commodity, as is community.
  • Awaken to the Attention Metric: more important than traffic.
  • Community is no longer defined by boundaries; affinity is global.
  • Sharing is caring: embedding is the only thing.
  • Conversations happen anywhere, anytime.
  • You can’t control the community growth process.
  • There’s a great amount of control in being out-of-control.
  • Social is off-site; Exist Where They Exist.
  • The Lazyweb is always more powerful than you.
  • Viral happens, it can’t be planned.
  • A blog is merely a tool, as are social networks.
  • It doesn’t matter if most content sucks – it still exists!
  • Brand is becoming increasingly decentralized.
  • Content bends around delivery mechanisms.
  • Google is the great mitigator.
  • Digital distribution is infinitely scalable.