How and Where do You Watch TV Today?

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What is television anymore? How do you define television? Is it a piece of hardware that allows you to watch shows? Or is it serial episodes that can be attained from a variety of sources? No matter how you define it, it’s content. And no matter how you get to the content, you’ll still enjoy it. Netflix and Starz has recently partnered to take viewing content to yet another level.

The Netflix ecosystem is expanding as the popular DVD rental company tries to bulk up its online video streaming business in anticipation of the day when fewer and fewer people want to watch movies after waiting to get a disc in the mail. Last week, the company announced a deal with CBS and Disney to stream current-season shows, and now it has partnered with cable movie channel Starz to let Netflix members view online the Starz Play broadband subscription movie service.

With the Starz agreement, Netflix customers can now view flicks like Spider-Man 3, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, and No Country for Old Men on their computers or through their TVs, either via a compatible streaming device (like the Netflix Player by Roku) or a home theater PC.

Also, with your next update for your Xbox 360, you’ll also have access to another option to access Netflix streaming. MediaMall Technologies has a media server app, PlayOn, in beta that lets PS3 and Xbox 360 owners stream from online services on their device. This gives you many more options to watch the shows you want, with the quality you’ve come to expect.

How do you stay up-to-date on all your favorite episodes and shows? In recent weeks, I’ve found out about a couple of different apps for the iPhone. One is called “What’s On”. You simply enter in your zip code, and it’ll tell you what is coming on. There’s also “TV Forecast”. That one will tell you when your favorite show’s next episode is coming on. They also have a widget for Mac OS X, as well.

Another site that I came across is Tvnotify. Simply enter in your favorite shows, choose your notification type, and let them remind you when your program is going to air. It doesn’t get any easier than that, and you’ll never again have to miss your favorites!

What other ways do you watch your content? Do you sit on your couch and turn on a box, or do you sit in your computer chair and stare at the monitor? What are your favorite shows?


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