What AntiVirus Do You Use?

Do you use an AntiVirus program? If so, what one do you run? You do realize that that may not always be enough to keep you completely protected, right? Your best bet is layers of protection. I came across the above video, and used it to ask others what they use to keep their computers safe.

At work: Norton AntiVirus 2008, at home: AVG Free – Haggis (Sean)

My Mac 😉 – Andru Edwards

Mac. Plus my Windows-on-VMware i just reuse a clean snapshot. – Glenn Batuyong

I’m on PC. I’m not using any. Was using NOD32, but opted to not renew. – Jason Shultz

Avast! The Pirate Approved Antivirus Tool! – Stephen Pierzchala

ClamAv on 1, Avast on another but usually I don’t run any antivirus – tsudohnimh

At home: AVG Free and Microsoft Defender – Alex Scoble CISSP

Nod32 on both rigs… – Live4Soccer

OS X – Brian roy

OS X. – Paul W. Swansen

Avira Antivir – Nicholas Kreidberg

Avira Antivirus, free for personal use and IMHO the best low-resource and good detection AV going. – cmiper

Currently trying NOD32 on XP Pro x64 – Jaemi Kehoe

Avast! – Molly, the Muse

None! I use a Mac with OS 10.5.5 all updated just today with the big 136MB Java iteration. Nothing installs without my password. – Siddharth Deb

Not using antivirus — haven’t had one in years. I’m just savvy enough not to open weird email attachments or IM links – JungleG

AVG on the laptop; Avira on the PC – Jasmin Smith

OS X. Never had one virus. – Brad Waller

Avast! – Rah(sheen)™

Brad, that you know of. – Alex Scoble CISSP

+1 Alex. And the thing of it is that AV alone isn’t enough. *shrug* Video was interesting but I’m definitely not in their target audience. – Jennifer Leggio

I am a big fan of trend micro’s products – Peter Ghosh

Symantec Corporate Edition /IBM laptop – work system – Susan Beebe

AVG works well for me. – Jason Huebel

AVG works very good for me – Joshua Smith

AVG for me as well. – Alex Vernon

ESET SmartSecurity – ChangeForge | Ken Stewart

Im just running with Windows Defender and good web viewing habits – Chacha

The reason why I use Avast! is because it’s audible and tells you when it’s updated and it warns you with a noise if you get a virus. – Molly, the Muse

So… what do you use? Are your files and data well-protected? Do you back them up regularly?