Would You Like to be a Hacker, Like in the Movies?

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I have a feeling life would be much easier if I could program. Sadly, I don’t sit on that side of the Geek fence. I have to rely on others to create things for me. Are you a beginning programmer, or someone who wants to try? Recently, I was doing a video on another type of programming tool when my neighbor sent me an IM. He asked me if I had ever heard of the website HacketyHack. No, I hadn’t. So of course, I set out to learn… and learn, I did!

In the 1980s, a language called BASIC swept the countryside. It was a language beginners could use to make their computer speak, play music. You could easily draw a big smiley face or a panda or whatever you like! But not just BASIC. Other languages like: LOGO and Pascal were right there on many computers. One of Hackety Hack’s sincere pledges is to make the most common code very easy and short. Downloading an MP3 should be one line of code. A blog should be very few.

Presently, Ruby is the only language taught by Hackety Hack. And it’s a great one to start with. Ruby was born in Japan, but has found a wealth of friends across the world. As you can see above, Ruby is a combination of simple words and punctuation.

All of this, the whole of it, is totally free to you. My wish is to spread infectious hacking smarts all over the world. And so Hackety Hack is yours forever at no cost: give it away, take it apart, learn-learn-learn without a 2nd thought.

At this point in time, HacketyHack is only available for Windows. However, they’re working on both a Mac and Linux version. Programming has gotten overwhelming to many people, myself included. It’s just gotten so complicated and involved. The beauty of HacketyHack is that it takes the difficulty out, and makes coding simple and fun again. Anyone age 13 and up will be able to quickly grasp the basics, and be off and coding in no time.

If you’re thinking of getting into programming – or if you’ve always been too scared to try before now – download HacketyHack and give it a try.


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