Would You Like to Fight Yoda or Darth Vader?

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I grew up in a simpler time in respect to video games. Because of that, I’m still very much just a casual gamer. I don’t really go to arcades anymore, but I grew up with them. I have my own arcade in my office now. Soulcaliber IV is out for the Xbox 360 (and other platforms) now, and one of the characters you can play is Yoda! I grew up with Yoda!

Set to reveal many long-kept secrets, Soulcaliber IV takes place in the 16th century, and involves a legendary cast of characters, each motivated by a unique set of circumstances, but each with the same goal: to emerge victorious in order to claim the powerful Soul Swords, Soul Edge and Soul Caliber.

As you prepare to join this formidable lineup of combatants, you can customize your character and select fearsome, powerful weapons perfectly suited for deadly combat. Fight for the two soul swords with contenders from all over the World – and even beyond, as two new enigmatic characters from a galaxy far, far away make their dramatic appearance.

I realize that some of you are really into the whole fighting genre of games. I would consider myself as intermediate in terms of trying to fight, button mash, and try to defeat other characters. I had to try this out, and play Yoda. I wanted to unleash some of these moves in the game.

As I started to play the game, I noticed all the different modes and the fact that I could create a character and customize it if I chose to. Of course, I chose single-player mode. I started off at the training level, since I’ve never played this before. Yoda, of course, looks awesome. The graphics are amazing. I know my webcam isn’t able to keep up with the action very well, but the quality is just excellent.

I grew up as a Star Wars Geek. I remember playing The Empire Strikes Back on my Atari years ago. Playing this game is bringing back memories of that, and taking my game playing to a whole new level. Thumbs up… way up.


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