Woo Hoo! The World Didn't End!

Let’s face it. People were worried across the globe when the Large Hadron Collider was turned on on September 10th. We didn’t know what to expect, but does that mean we should automatically panic? There were people in every country insisting that the World was going to end, and we would all die. Still others were complete skeptics, knowing that no such thing would happen. Most of us fell somewhere in between, I think.

Well it didn’t end today…but what about tomorrow? 😉 – Dennis Bjørn Petersen via twhirl

If it were going to end, which it isn’t, it won’t be til the 21st when the ACTUAL experiment takes place. – Slippy Lane

What the heck does this mean? lol – Kyle Lacy

Damn i was hoping… – Cecil Sandus

Are we sure? – David Z

*like* – Susan Beebe

Like Slippy said, the real experiment is on and after the 21st of October! So we still have a little more than a month to get our affairs sorted out before the world ends! – Rahul Das

There’s still time. – Leo Laporte

Would this qualify as a bang or a whimper? – todd

oh but it did – and was replaced by something even more bizarre – and all your personal data (bookmarks, browser history, memories) were imported. more or less… erm… accurately. – Günther Mulder via twhirl

the beam didn’t collide today though… it will; on 21 October hehe 😛 – Apostolos Papadopoulos

I guess this means I need to tell my wife about the HD tivo I bought. – Matthew Davidson via twhirl

Just a thought.. If the world ends… really doesn’t matter what my affairs looked like 0.2 seconds before that.. so I’m not gonna worry about the "in order" thing. – Freemor

o man, i so regret that "confessions" video tape that i made, thinking that the world was going to end today…… – Chris Hollander

Maybe it did, and we are just in an alternate reality where it has been fixed, hmmm?? – Tim Hoeck

The world only ended in one of the alternate universes so it’s not a problem. – Morton Fox

Admit it. Were you scared, or not? Heck, did you even know this was happening? I heard from many people when the LHC was turned on that they had never even heard of it. Take some time to think about this: if you knew the World was going to end, what would you do before it happened?