Should I Run for President of the United States?

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In a year of firsts for Presidential candidates, a phenomenon has taken even seasoned analysts by surprise. A growing grassroots movement has been born on the Internet to elect a virtual unknown to the highest office in the country. It all began on a popular online chat site where Diana Falzone, a former Maxim model, hosts a talk show. What began as a joke turned into a groundswell of popular support for a candidate no one had ever heard of.

All of a sudden, thousands of people were texting and calling in to cast their support for this candidate. Political analysts are now calling this a massive nationwide political movement. They’re concerned that unknown candidates could pose a tangible threat to both Republicans and Democrats.

So what do you think? I think President Pirillo sounds pretty dang good. And of course, Ponzi would be the most beautiful First Lady ever to grace the White House.


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