What's the Best Way to Write a Forum or Blog Post?

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If you’re looking to write on Geeks or any other site, you need to make sure you create good content. There are many factors involved in this process. I’ve written out my top five points to keep in mind, to help you get started.

  1. Lead with a strong headline. Sometimes it’s a leading question, sometimes it’s a statement that pulls people into reading what’s inside. Single words or simple phrases are to be avoided in a headline if at all possible.
  2. Remember your PUGS. It’s short for: Punctuation, Usage, Grammar, Spelling. This isn’t a text message, and it isn’t a Twitter post.
  3. Don’t just ask a simple question. If you want responses, spend a great degree of time crafting your position in the matter. If anything, this is why I always like to do “top 5 lists” – people love digesting well thought-out bullet points. If you’re covering a news story or product launch, what about some photos, videos, original text. Never copy someone else’s content – especially without permission. Quote your sources.
  4. Use others If other community members have started threads that are active and/or relevant to what you’re going to write about, link to them! It’s cross-discovery, not a competition.
  5. Own it. You can write about anything, just own what you say. Don’t treat opinions like facts, and vice versa. If something is a rumor, TREAT IT as a rumor.

Write about what you know, and what you’re passionate about. Your words equal your identity online. It’s imperative you take the time to know what you’re writing, and why. By writing well thought-out content, you will build a following. People with similar interests will gravitate to you, and want to know what you have to say.

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