Todays' Top Five Geeks Posts

We’re about to come to the end of the first week of Geeks being open to the public. We already have well over 2000 members, and nearly as many posts! People are coming, and they’re sticking around to talk about anything and everything on their minds. Let’s take a look at five of the hottest topics on our forums right now.

  • 2001: The Worst Movie Ever. This is a blog post written by community member Juhachi, talking about why he was dismally disappointed in 2001: The Space Odyssey.
  • The Tainted Vista. This post by Chronidus details why he feels that Microsoft Vista has failed, and lays out his hopes for Windows 7.
  • Do Good Photographers need Post-Shot Processing? Jennifer incited a lively discussion on whether a good photographer should be using things like Photoshop, or whether that’s being untrue to your craft.
  • Do You Have any Really OLD Computers? Antibomber asked the original question, and the thread exploded. It’s very cool to see how many people have hung on to that old favorite machine… and how many of them still run!
  • Putting an End to Platform Lock-In. Once again, Matt Hartley delivers. Wouldn’t it be nice, as Matt puts it, to see “the day we can get to software being about the user and not the platform”? Amen, Matt. Cut. Print. Period.

So there you have it, just a few of the things we’re discussing right now on Geeks. Why don’t you join in one of them, or start your own today?