Do You Need to Cool Your Laptop Computer?

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I had a Targus laptop cooler that was working ok, but I just didn’t like the look of it. It was encased in cheap plastic. So, I did some research and found what I feel will be the perfect laptop cooler for me. The best part is that several people have recommended this one lately. It’s a Zalman ZM NC1000 Notebook Cooler.

The Zalman NC1000-B Notebook Cooler is an aerodynamically designed notebook cooler with minimized noise and enhanced user convenience. The Rubber Grip Strip prevents the notebook from sliding. Ergonomically designed to minimize user fatigue. 679 high capacity vent holes evenly distribute the flow of cold air to cool the entire notebook. Optimized ventilation structure and aerodynamic design provide excellent performance even during low noise level operation. Cools the notebook allowing its internal fan to operate quietly at low RPM, making it ideal for quiet environments such as libraries and offices. Powered by the notebook’s USB port, eliminating the need for a separate power adapter.

It’s aluminum instead of plastic. I like that, and the sleek design. It’s also super quiet, which is great. Unboxing it was fun, as usual. While I was pulling it out of the box, I launched some CPU-intensive applications on the Macbook, to get the temperature up a little. It’s hard to believe how thin this thing is. It’s powered by USB, which is very cool. I have too many things plugged into the wall as it is.

As I set the Macbook on it, I immediately noticed that the angle is perfect, as well as the height. Rock on! The little rubber grips on the bottom make an awesome sound on the desk as I move it around. How much fun is that for an added bonus?

Most importantly, it started cooling the Macbook immediately. I noticed a difference within two minutes, which is fantastic. The look is sleek and clean, which you all know I prefer. So if you’re in the market for a new laptop cooler, you should definitely take a look at this one.


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