When is Shareware Free?

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If you hear music playing in the background of this video, it’s a video game. We were getting ready for Gnomedex when this was recorded, and Maryam Scoble was here playing the game. She really wants one of these game arcades, but Robert is a meanie and won’t get her one! So anyway, I’m planning to give away some software tonight. The Mac Bundle Box was given away, courtesy of my friend Christian.

The Mac Bundle Box is 15 total Mac applications bundled together, for a cost of only $49.95. That is an amazing savings over buying each of them separately. Christian, Kat and I decided to run this contest a bit differently. All you had to do was reply to that blog post with a comment, telling us what your three favorite Mac Apps are, and why you love them. Of course, you also had to be present in chat to win.

FearedBliss was the person chosen randomly from the people who commented in the blog. He’s a regular chat member, which we always love to see happen! Congratulations, FearedBliss, and thanks for hanging out with us all the time!

We’re planning to do a software giveaway every week, so stay tuned! We’ll be giving away both Mac and Windows software in upcoming weeks, so you definitely don’t want to miss it.


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