How Do You Organize Your Gadgets?

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You caught my trying to organize my gadgets. Normally, they sit over on a stand on the other side of my office. The problem is, I’m a neat freak. I don’t like to have them just sit around. So what’s a Geek to do? Go out and buy yourself a Gear Gripper, that’s what.

Chances are pretty good that, if you’re visiting this website, you’re either a geek, or love one enough to buy a geek gifts. Without a doubt, said geek has a substantial collection of tiny gadgets that need a home to call their own. Take a tour of ThinkGeek World Domination Headquarters, and you’ll see almost everybody’s desks are cluttered with the detritus of an unhealthy addiction to gadgets.

Most of our gadgets are shiny, and polished with only a little wear showing. As long as we keep them from banging into each other, they’ll remain relatively pristine. What we’ve found is the GearGripper desktop organization ribbon. Soft yet firm, GearGripper undulates across your desk in a wave, the nadir of each wave perfect for comfortably resting your toys.

Because it’s bendy, it can be shaped into different forms – whatever you need to give your gear a comfortable home. Mold it to your needs, make it your own! Just remember to submit pictures of your creations for our action shots!

It looks so much nicer than just having things sitting around. Am I the only one who wants to have my gadgets organized, and keep everything looking clean? I love having this sitting on my desk, keeping everything nice and neat. I’m pressed for space, and this makes things easy.


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