Optimus Maximus Keyboard Control Fun

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So the unboxing of my phenomenal new keyboard is complete, and it’s time to play. I turned off the lights in my office so all of you could see a bit better. I did this to show you a feature even better. The images that display on the OLED screens under the keys can be modal.

For instance, right now I don’t have an image programmed for my space bar. I set the software up so that when I’m in the Finder, there are different layers that will show up automatically. See? I can use the space bar for “quick view” at this moment. It also will light up keys, corresponding to different layers of things that I can do and open. If Caps Lock is turned on with Finder in the foreground, the color swatch across the entire keyboard changes.

Now that you’ve seen the functionality of what the Optimus Maximus can do, you’re about to find a World’s First… are you ready for it? Do you see the little icon? You’ve officially been RickRolled from a keyboard. See him dancing?

Yeah, baby, that’s what I’m talking about. That’s the Optimus Maximus from ThinkGeek. Tell em Chris sent you when you go to get one for yourself. You, too, can program a dancing Rick into your keyboard, and map the key so that when you push it… the YouTube video will open on your screen automatically. How’s that for bragging rights?

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