How Can We Wipe Out Piracy?

Network Guru is a community member who is passionate about fighting piracy. I admire this trait, and do my best to steer people away from piracy when I can. Stealing programs and apps is just plain not cool, for many reasons which I’ve discussed before. Here is what he wrote to me:

Did you know that some people have figured out how to crack Apple Apps from the App Store, allowing people to download Apps for free? People have started forums based on sharing those cracked Apps. I really dislike piracy, so I started my own blog dedicated to fighting this. I reported each Apple cracks forum to the offender’s webhost. As I did it, I also posted about it on my blog. I got 3 of the big forums shutdown by their host. Unfortunately, they came back up on different hosts. Some hosts, like GoDaddy, won’t listen until Apple themselves sue these big forums. The majority of the visitors on my blog have left bad comments that are insulting, but I will still continue my work because I support the developers, and I’m strongly against pirated apps. Do you know anyone from Apple I can contact to get help in my quest?

I also created a blog post with the following: “What are your views on pirated or cracked Apple iPhone apps? It amazes me how people justify the way they download software illegally. Please post a comment and tell me what makes you download the apps illegally, and how you feel about ripping off the people who brought the applications to you. It would be interesting hearing other peoples’ views on this. And please, take part in the poll I’ve posted on the right. Comments will be moderated, so think twice before posting illegal links here!”

Perhaps you can post this up on Chris Pirillo blog. Perhaps someone from Apple will notice it. I also have a poll, maybe your visitors can also come and give me some support. I really appreciate your time, and thank you for reading my e-mail.

Please, everyone take the time to go check out his blog, and leave him some positive feedback. Together, we can work to combat piracy. Let’s show the World that we as Geeks are honest, and trustworthy.