How Do You Get Your Questions Answered?

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When I have a question that I need an answer for that cannot be attained by Googling… I tend to throw the question out to my network of friends. Some of you may use answering services, such as Yahoo Answers. Thanks to ScottyG for sending in this top ten list on ways to get good answers from Yahoo.

  • It may sound strange, but do not make the title too descriptive. If the title is too descriptive, many people will not even open the question to take a look at it. Almost all of my most answered questions have titles which are not overly descriptive.
  • Spelling goes a long way. It is much easier to read a correctly spelled question than one with spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Do not include huge chunks of conversation in your question. Keep it informative but informal.
  • I recommend using bullet points and a summary of the question. This is an easy-to-read format.
  • Look for answers with good ‘sources’. Remember, Wikipedia can be edited by anyone so it is not always true.
  • Do not use the ‘add details’ option to have a chat with answerers. Many questions end up with a flood of added details.
  • Don’t put ‘a quick 10 points’ in the question or title. If you do this, you will get a lot of short, rushed comments rather than longer, detailed answers.
  • Do not post the same post many times in a short period of time. The Yahoo community WILL ignore your question if you do this!
  • Do not put ‘title says it all’ in the question. Questions can seem quite ambiguous on the Internet, so further details will be needed.
  • As soon as you have the answer, pick the best answer straight away. If you are a courteous user, your questions will be answered much faster.

What other answering services do you use? Let us know your favorite ones, and why they’re the best.


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