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One of our long-time community members, LegoShark, recently participated in a Brickfilming contest. The goal of this contest was to make a brickfilm, going through the entire process from start to finish, in a week or less. The B.R.A.W.L. (Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long) contest ended on August 9th. Judging of the entries will begin on about August 17th.

The theme of this contest is “Negotiation”. You may interpret the theme any way you want. Your film could be as complex as a crime film about a hostage avoiding death, or it could be as simple as a young child arguing about a punishment with his parents. Any story goes, as long as it fits in with the theme. How well your story relates to the theme will play a part in how the judges score your film in the Story category.

For this contest, there are two mod elements, a color mod and a letter mod. You do not have to use both of them. Just make sure that at least one of them is present in every shot of your film. Camera movements (such as pans and zooms) count as part of a shot, as long as the camera angle of the shot does not change. So if you decide to have a camera movement in your film, the mod element must be clearly visible during at least part of the movement. During a shot, if something temporarily blocks the mod element, you will not be disqualified, as long as the mod element is seen in it’s entirety at least once in the shot. You can use any combination of the mod elements, as long as one is noticeable and visible in every shot.

Rules of the contest were:

  • Your film must be primarily filmed using stop motion animation. Live action footage, or other forms of animation, such as CGI animation, may be used to supplement your film, but they must not be the main focus.
  • The film should be made using LEGO or similar construction toys.
  • There must a minimum of 1 minute of animation in your film (excluding titles or credits). There is no maximum amount.
  • Joint entries are allowed, as well as multiple entries.
  • Copyrighted material is allowed, but you must credit the person/group/organization that made it.

I was happy to provide my help to LegoShark, and I hope he wins! We’ll update this post after the judging is complete, to let everyone know how LegoShark did.