How Do You Discover New Music?

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Pixie gets upset with me when I won’t listen to her favorite music, which is Slim Whitman. I listen to all sorts of different music, but that’s just something I can’t handle for long. Recently, I got turned on to a band named Ratatat, thanks to my friend Mona. So I started playing Ratatat in Firefox using Rhapsody, and it’s great. I’ve yet to find a song of theirs I don’t like. I’d play you something in this video, but I don’t have the rights to. Anyway, as I was listening to this music, I received a list of top five bands that sound similar and I may like.

  • Dosh sounds quite a bit like Ratatat. They combine a variety of instrumentals with excellent lyrics.
  • Talkdemonic may have a weird name, but their music has a great beat to it. Apparently, my speaker setup would be able to take full advantage of what they play.
  • El Ten Eleven has awesome instrumentals, and their percussion stands out from the melody.
  • Blue Man Group is just amazing to watch live.
  • Couch is more of a techno mixed with futuristic sounding band.

Steven, I appreciate the recommendation. I listen to pretty much anything and everything. I even like listening to 8-bit sounds! Send along any other recommendations you may have for music I can get into!


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