10 More Awesome Free Mac OS X Apps

Did you have any of these already?

  • Image Tricks – “Uses Mac OS X Core Image filters that transform pictures to unimaginable extent and apply advanced visual effects. The program can create unique artwork you may use as business card background, for web design, print materials and more.”
  • ArchDetect – “ArchDetect will perform a quick Spotlight-powered search for applications on your computer, then will detect the architectures for each of them. It’ll give you the results in a nice table, which you can search, sort & filter any way you like. Find something not yet Universal? You can easily select an application, and press “Update” to pull up search results from MacUpdate – or any download site of your choice.”
  • Esperance DV – “Module for System Preferences making a RamDisk. You can place temporary files for speed saving video, speed recording a lot of pictures, building your application with xCode,… RamDisk is the use of a part of read-write memory (RAM) as a hard disk.”
  • PhotoBook – “A Facebook photo browser for Mac. It makes it easy and fun to manage, share, and view your friends’ Facebook photos in one intuitive interface.”
  • Startrail – “Everyone likes to personalize his own Mac in various ways: wallpapers, icons, colors and even themes. But what about mouse pointer? Cannot it live its own life? Now it can. With Startrail you can add special effects to your mouse pointer!” [I found out about this one last week, and v2.0 has become shareware – I’m still using 1.5. If you can put up with this for longer than 5 minutes, I’d be surprised – but it’s fun!]
  • MenuEclipse – “Save your constant menu pixels from getting burned into your screen! Gain better focus on your work & play, and away from the menu bar!”
  • Bellhop – “Bellhop uses a single-window interface that allows you to organize, edit and configure your services in one place. Publishing a new service is simply a matter of writing the script for your service and configuring some settings.”
  • JES Video Cleaner – “Features: General noise reduction (adaptive); Remove logo; Average two movies; Remove cross-luma; Remove periodic brightness variation”
  • iCal Dupe Deleter – “Straight-forward application to aid the removal of duplicates in iCal under OSX Tiger and Leopard. It is a replacement for an Applescript that had a similar function. iCal Dupe Deleter is faster, it gives the user more control over its operation and allows for a better user interface.” [I also recommend iCal Reply Checker – which is equally as wonderful.]
  • Web 2.0 Icon Generator – There’s really no description for this AIR app, other than it’s an easy way to create simple “Web 2.0” styled logos. There’s a tab for creating Adobe-ish icons, too. Silly, but potentially a timesaver if you’ve ever needed to do something like it.

What other freeware am I missing out on? I’ve seen all the popular lists, but I’m looking for interesting / awesome (but largely unknown) apps. I have a feeling I’m going to need to start compiling lists of good iPhone apps, too.