What is Your Favorite USB Device?

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I have tons of USB devices. I admit it… I probably need a 12-step program. I’m addicted to USB gadgets and gizmos! I have tons of them, and have gotten rid of many more. Thanks to my friends over at ThinkGeek, I have finally found my favorite USB device of all time! Meet the Tengu.

Here we have a cute little white plastic brick with a face made of LEDs. The tiny microphone in the base picks up sounds in the room, whether it’s music, or your loudmouth boss, and makes his mouth move in time. It’s like he’s lip synching to the song! Kinda like Britney, only much much smaller, and probably smells better.

He’s USB powered, so plug him in to any powered USB port, set him near your favorite sound-source, and your little buddy will perform for you all day long!

If you look around on YouTube, you may just find some video clips of me playing with the Tengu last night. Some people say I like him a little too much, and had a little too much fun. Do you know what I say to that? There’s no such thing as too much fun!! I’ll never grow up! I’ll never grow old! You have fun being an old fuddy-duddy if you want. I’ll be the one playing with my Tengu and laughing hysterically all day long.

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