What do You use Green Lasers For?

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What do you use a green laser light for? The answer is… anything you want. If you are into cool little gadgets like this, check out ThinkGeek. The light on this laser light is extremely bright, and comes with a variety of attachments.

The Specialized Green Laser Pointer is beyond cool. The laser beam on these is much brighter than those on red lasers. When you point them into the dark sky, for instance, you can see the entire beam, instead of just the point. This makes it easy to point out things like constellations, or illuminate a dark path when walking.

Green laser pointers are pure eye candy – very bright and look much better than a standard run-of-the-mill red laser pointer. And now we have three new varieties to add to the mix. Choose from one of these 3 laser pointers, each one with a special feature.

  1. Stars: Uses 2 AAA batteries (included). Projects an awesome looking field of green laser stars. Rotate front pattern cap to manually change the stars pattern. Remove pattern cap and it’s a standard green laser pointer. Wavelength: 532nm
  2. Shapes: Uses 2 AAA batteries (included). Includes 5 pattern caps (cross, circle with dot, line, arrow, dot). Patterns caps can be changed in a few seconds. Best for projecting distances of over 2 meters. A very slight speckle pattern is present on some shapes (the arrow and circle with dot shapes).
  3. Red Green Combo: Uses 2 N batteries (included). Projects Red and Green from the same laser unit. Separate buttons for each color. Wavelength: 532nm (Green) and 650nm (Red).

I have a feeling I’ll be spending too much time messing with this laser pointer. We all know I’ll torment Ponzi with it, and the dogs.. and maybe even you!

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