Can Fast Food be Healthy Food?

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Vital Nutrition was a recent presenter at Live Pitch 2008 in Seattle. Vital Nutrition provides nutrition planning for consumers. They also prepare these meals in a fast-food style restaurant.

Vital Nutrition

  • Business Category: Retail
  • Founder: David Blanco
  • Inspiration for Product/Service: Traveling for a living, finding it hard to prepare my normal healthier meals in hotels; I realized there is no honest healthier fast food alternative. Beyond the need for the meals; I realized the need for consumer education (at the time, myself) and nutritional planning for general health as well as sickness and disease prevention through everyday, accessible nutrition.
  • Target Customer/Audience: Families, Cancer patients and survivors, as well as other nutrition-sensitive people seeking detailed nutrition planning and meal preparation on the go.
  • Synopsis of Product / Service: Vital provides nutrition planning for our consumers. Further, we prepare the meals designed through our nutrition planning in a quick-serve restaurant setting.
  • Main Company Contact: David Blanco

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