An Essential Firefox Add-on

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What page do you use in your default Web browser as your “start” page? Have you bothered to change it from the browser’s start page? As you know, Firefox 3 was officially released on the day this video is being posted. Now that you have it, what are you doing with it? Are you doing more than just browsing the Internet?

There’s a new application for Firefox 3 called Feedly. This is a plugin that integrates seamlessly with Firefox 3. It gives you the ultimate start page, but then again… it’s so much more than just a starting place. You can manage and DO so much with it. There’s a Twitter integrator, an Annotation tool, summaries of the most relevant content, and even a wall with an overview of articles recommended by your friends.

The welcome wizard can learn from your existing personalizations – bookmarks, My Yahoo!, Bloglines, Netvibes, Twitter, Yahoo Mail, Gmail and Friendfeed – and apply them to your feedly. feedly is an attempt to use everything which is good in cloud service, RSS and social connectivity to create a more social and magazine-like start page. Think MyYahoo meets Digg meets Wired.

You’re going to be able to browse and read your feeds right from within the Feedly interface. This will save you time, and get you more information faster. It’s a more social and magazine-like start page, made just for Firefox 3.

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