What Kind of Music do you Listen To?

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Everyone close your eyes, and think of what would happen if Firefox made love to iTunes. After the gestation period, we would likely see something like Songbird. What is Songbird? Basically, it’s exactly as I said… imagine that your web browser and your favorite music tool have gotten together to create something new.

Songbird media player is a highly customizable alternative to traditional desktop media players. It can not only help you manage the music that you already have, it can help you discover other music that’s out there on the Web. It’s an integrated experience. I know, you already use a media management tool. Yeah.. but you use some company’s media manager tool. They tend to be driven by corporations. They tend to shove all these partnerships down your throat?

What if you just want to manage your music? What if you just want to discover new music? What if you just want something that’s completely open-source, built by the community? What if you just wanted to subscribe to your favorite music blogs and get notified automatically when a new song is released? Ah hah! This is where Songbird comes in. Since it’s free, it’s worth an shot isn’t it?

This new version has integrated SHOUTCast. If you’ve never used a SHOUTCast stream before, it’s definitely worth using. You don’t have to use it of course. If you aren’t familiar with it, SHOUTcast is a free Internet radio service.

Songbird is cross-platform, so you can use it on any machine without a snag. It’s very straightforward. Out of the box, it has a clean black interface, but you can create skins if you want to. There are some pretty cool bookmarks already embedded with it, that you can of course edit or delete should you choose.

Download it, give it a shot and let me know what you think.


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