How do you Deal with Old Technology?

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We talk about new technology quite a lot. While home visiting my parents at this time, I’ve noticed how much my parents are behind the times when it comes to tech. Here in my old bedroom, there’s actually a small television with an antenna on it. That’s right… no cable.

This little piece of technology, however, was considered to be state-of-the-art at the time it was bought. It has a port in the front of it that allows you to put in something called a VHS tape. I know, most of you are now heading to Google to see what a VHS tape is! Trust me, they were huge back in the day before DVDs. The movies resided on a magnetic strip within the rectangular case. These were played on a device called a VCR. If you wanted to watch part of the movie again, you had to rewind a little bit. If you wanted to watch the whole movie again, you had to rewind it to the beginning.

Is anyone else out there having to deal with old technology when you visit somewhere? How do you get through it? Do you have to smack your hand against the side of a tv to get any reception? What about dialing up to an Internet account from their house, and opening their Netscape browser?? How do you deal with this?!? Doesn’t it make you crazy?

Calgon… take me away.


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