Mac vs PC: LEGO Brickfilming

“LegoShark” contacted me last night to ask me what I thought about his hobby:

Hey, I’m an amature Stop- motion animator. I have been looking in your chat for about a month now. I use a medium of stop-motion known as “brickfilming.” This is stop-motion animation with LEGO. I noticed you had some LEGO fan pics of your office in your Fickr stream, so i thought i might a well bring this up. I was wondering if you could possibly spread the word a little bit about brickfilming. it’s a very fun hobby, and takes skill and patience. all you need is a decent camera, some LEGO, and patience. the “official” site for brickfilming can be found at, but the community is more based at There was a change in administration and a bunch of stuff I don’t want or need to get in to that made people switch to

I personally work a 15 FPS (frames per second) which, as you may know, means that i take 15 frames to get a send of animation. it is very tedious. My equipment consists of a new 24″ iMac, a canon HV20, a macbook, a desk lamp and a Bowens TriLite, and a ton of LEGO. I am currently using FInal Cut express on my Macbook for editing, but now that i have the iMac (which i opened literally a few hours ago :)) I will be upgrading to FC pro and all of those other Pro editing Apps Apple has. I use iStopmotion for frame capture.

Indeed, some of my Net friends have done their best to re-create the Chris Pirillo home office experience in LEGO – and they’ve done quite a good job at it. I asked “LegoShark” if he could brickfilm the famous Call for Help bloopers for me… let’s see just how passionate he is. 🙂 The one I’m embedding here had me in stitches: