What will Cars of Tomorrow be Like?

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With the Technological advances being made every day, what do you think the future holds for automobiles? Where, and how, do you see yourself “driving” twenty years from now? With the gas prices being so insanely high right now, it naturally led to a discussion as to what changes will be made to our travel habits.

The folks in my chat room and I were discussing this, and we came up with a few ideas as to what we think the future of automobiles is or should be.

  • No wheels!This is a given. Eventually, we’ll be flying around. It won’t happen soon, no. But at some point, it will be far more efficient to not use wheels, and to fly instead.
  • Renewable Energy! That’s a given, again. I’d personally rather see more cars running off of electricity, rather than fuel or hydrogen. Electricity is all around, and is much better than destroying the Earth. Is that to say electric cars would be better or safer? I don’t know. But I know our planet would be much happier if we were running our vehicles this way.
  • Free content. I have XM radio in my car, and I love my subscription. But at some point, it becomes silly to pay for services like this. If cars came equipped with Internet service, you could have an unlimited world out there as far as music and entertainment goes.
  • Full Heads-up Display Right now, it’s really inefficient how our dashboards are laid out. The instruments should be embedded somehow invisibly within the windshield. This would help with night vision, and help you see objects like deer better.
  • Automated Driving Wouldn’t it be great to punch in where you’re going, then just sit back and relax? Let the car do the actual driving! I can’t wait for that day, personally.

I’m pretty sure all of these things are coming. Will it happen in our lifetime? I don’t know, honestly. But isn’t it fun to think about? What do you think is in store for the future of automobiles?

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