Steve Ballmer Gets Egged in Hungary

I’m not quite sure what was said, but I’m pretty sure it was something related to how Microsoft is doing something bad (according to this particular Hungarian). Maybe it was for Windows Vista? Maybe it was for Windows Millennium Edition? Maybe it was for OOML? Maybe I’ll just wait for a translation before speculating any further.

I’m embedding directly from the source, as passed to me a few minutes ago by one of our community (thanks, ZobY). It’s loading very slow, presumably because it’s seeing a massive amount of traffic right now.

One thing’s for sure – it could have been worse (WAY worse). Nobody deserves that kind of treatment – imagine if that had been you on stage? No matter, I’m working on getting a translation of the outburst:

It’s just a matter of hours before TSA bans eggs from all domestic and international flights.