Luke Skywalker's Prosthetic Arm

Granted, I haven’t felt like a true Star Wars fan since the prequels concluded… but this is an interesting point of inspiration. I usually only hear how Star Trek has influenced real-world science and technology. Shawn McClendon just sent me these three links:

But what do they have to do with Star Wars?

Here are links to three sources concerning a new prosthetic device designed by DEKA and modeled after The mechanical arm worn by Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films. My wife, who is currently studying Occupational Therapy. She found it interesting, and thought that I might as well, not only because I am disabled, but because I have forever been a science fiction fan, and more so a Star Wars fan. She was also the wonderful person who introduced me to your show, and it occurred to me, that I could not possibly be the only SW fan, nor the only disabled fan of your show, and thus I thought to share. Its the first time I’ve ever contacted you, and so I’m not certain of the etiquette of such things, so thank you in advance for your patience, and I do hope you enjoy the information. The first is a rather detailed demonstration video. That I thought was the best bit.

So, what other pieces of tech (and advancements in health science) have been inspired by Sci-Fi?