WicketPixie WordPress Theme Screencast

I wrote about it yesterday when I initially rolled out this new WordPress theme, but now I’ve had time to make a very brief screencast that explains a bit more about it. You’ll see that there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. WicketPixie gives you:

  • Your own Activity Stream / Social Graph page
  • Your own Collected Favorites page / News Aggregator
  • An easy ability to change certain style elements
  • A high-quality Web design for your site
  • A clean way to present ALL your social profiles
  • The freedom to donate to future theme development
  • Gravatar support within WordPress v2.5+
  • The ability to use any feed source as a Status message
  • Areas optimized for advertising

Not bad for free, eh? I’m likely to use CC BY-SA 3.0 for the license, with the hope that a small group of enthusiasts can help me maintain and build it further.

Right now, we’re working our way through a few last-minute layout bugs (cross-browser compatibility). I’m considering holding off a public release until it’s been modified for WPMU and implemented for bloggers on Lockergnome – which I don’t know how to do, since I’m not a WPMU guru. If you know any experienced developer who can help with that part of the process, I’m all ears. Until then, this screencast should whet your appetite:

I really want to ask you this, before I make the files available for download: would you rather download the plain version of WicketPixie or the version I’ve tweaked for my own site (understanding that with the latter, you’d have to make more changes to the core templates).