Vonage FAX?

TSgt Mark Hansen emailed the other day from halfway around the world:

Hi Chris, I saw your webpage about Vonage and am asking for your help. I am in the Air Force stationed in Korea, and all Vonage users here are banned from using Vonage equipment on the ISP’s network, who offers their own VoiP service. They do this by blocking all port 50 traffic on their network. So basically, all bases in South Korea have this ban in effect. I went with Skype instead…

Anyways, I am trying to FAX a copy of my orders to Vonage so they can release me from the account and reimburse me. (I’m not holding my breath) I spoke to account management the other day and was given 1-732-528-2669 to fax it to them, but this is not a FAX number. I have a suspicion that theyre going to use the excuse that I never sent my orders in… how could I when the number they gave me isn’t a working FAX number?

I was curious to try FAXing over a Vonage line, but certainly never had to deal with FAXing something to them. He followed up almost immediately:

I got another one from Acct. Management… 1-732-834-0189. I havent verified reciept and closure of the account yet, I have to wait 72 hours, then call back to their wonderful customer service staff and verify…

I actually made the rep stay on the line to ensure it was a working FAX, so I called the wife on the calling card and asked her to call the number to see if it was an actual FAX machine… (remember, I havent verified they actually received it, once I do, I’ll let you know).

If you’d like, you can publish it on your site once verified to assist other Vonage victims… er, customers) They said I had to FAX it to them because they don’t have email… Multi Billion corporate entity and they don’t have email… Hmmm.

Anybody else have any experience(s) with Vonage FAXing?