Have you Ever had to Travel at the Last Minute?

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Travel can be expensive, and last-minute travel is even worse! If you’ve ever had to do this, you know it can be a major pain in the pocketbook. I’m in Iowa with my family, and it was a last-minute trip. I had to change plans that were already in place to something completely different in order to come home to Iowa when I did on Friday.

It was costly, to say the least. But, I do have five tips that I jotted down to hopefully save you some money if you ever have to book a last-minute trip.

  • Search every website that you know of. Don’t just go to one site. That’s crazy. Costs will be different on every site. Even if they pull from the same data, you never know which will have the best cost.
  • Let them choose the times if you’re flexible. This is a big tip, because it can spell the difference between spending a thousand dollars, and spending three hundred.
  • Make more connecting flights if you need to. I prefer to fly direct. But if it means a savings a few hundred dollars… I’ll make connecting flights.
  • Call the airline’s hot line. They may have some kind of special last-minute rate for you. I know it’s possible to get discounts if you’ve had a death in the family, for instance. Ponzi and I were planning to travel elsewhere already. I called the airport, explained my situation. The airline was fantastic. They canceled our other tickets and refunded most of them. They also helped me get a lower rate on my tickets to Iowa, as it was an emergency situation. So call the airline. You may be happily surprised.
  • Check nearby airports, and possibly drive the remainder. I could have rented a car and driven it home, had a connecting flight cost a lot more. You can literally save hundreds of dollars this way.

All in all, any travel is expensive these days. Do your research, and try to be flexible when at all possible. This can mean the difference of several hundred dollars.


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