What's the Geekiest Show on TV Today?

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I’m here to report to you the top five shows with Geeks in the program. We have agreed in the chat room on a list of shows you can watch to up your Geek quotient. Here they are, as voted on by our Live Chat Room.

  • The Big Bang Theory We like it because it is real life. It’s funny because I was telling my wife… who is a SuperModel… about the show, she sat down to watch it. When I thought something was funny, Ponzi would respond, and then the person on tv responded the same way!
  • The MythBusters We like this show because they take Myths, and then bust them. We like it because it’s very entertaining, and also a lot of fun.
  • Good Eats with Alton Brown Alton is the closest thing we have to a Chef Boyardee with Microchips. That is why we like this show. There is no Geekier food show on television. It’s obvious he’s a Geek.
  • Numbers This is funny, and appropriate. We like this show because it’s like the murder mystery shows, but they put math and science in there so it’s fun.
  • Robot Chicken It’s not as funny as Numbers. But we like it ok. For Geeks my age it’s funny because they make references to things we grew up with.

We also want to give an Honorable Mention to the IT Crowd… even though some of us in this part of the World can’t watch it. We hear it’s a really funny show.

Thank you and good night.


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