Five Ways Vista is better than OS X?

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I really don’t want to fight anymore. I’m tired of it. Even more than that, I’m tired of reading insipid commentary who lack perspective, and experience, and are “armchair quarterbacking”. I don’t know everything. I admit that.

The reason I’m off on this hype, is due to an article I just read. I came across a Twitter post by Duncan Riley, posting a link to Preston Galla’s “Five reasons Vista beats OS X”. I thought: “Wow!” Maybe he knows something I don’t. I was sadly disappointed, however. These aren’t reasons, they don’t even come close. Yet it’s being spread as “fact.” I would love it if someone would give me five valid reasons that Vista is good. Here are his reasons (and my responses):

  • Vista runs more software. You have to be kidding me? Vista may run more software, but try uninstalling it. How many protection programs do you need, as well? Is the software more stable than that of a Mac? Even if Vista has more software, you’d never be able to run or store it ALL, anyway. How is “more” even relevant?
  • Vista is safer. WHAT? How many viruses, trojans, and rootkits are floating around for Windows? A bamboo plant is safer than Vista *AND* Mac OS X combined. What’s “safer” supposed to mean?
  • It’s the money, stupid. Uh. If you build a comparable Windows machine… with hardware that nearly the SAME… you’re going to probably spend the same amount of money.
  • The Mac is closed; Vista is open. If you would have said “Linux is open,” I’d have given you a point. Apple controls the software and the hardware – the entire experience. That actually works well in the consumer space, and I like it. I like it when things just WORK together.
  • Two words – Steve Jobs. Let’s go back to the first video I recorded about the iPhone (a while ago). I understand this point – I truly do. But buying a Mac has nothing to do with helping Steve Jobs, or even Apple themselves. It comes down to the fact that, once again… the entire experience is seamless for users.

Can anyone out there PLEASE give me five valid reasons why Windows Vista is better than Mac OS X?


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