Twitter in Live Video

Jaap Stronks from The Netherlands has quite an interesting mashup, but one with a purpose: Twitter and live video!

Just wanted to share that I’ve been experimenting with live webvideo myself; I was particularly interested in integrating relevant Twitter messages realtime in a live video, something you may be interested in. At the Next Web Conference in Amsterdam, I produced an interview with Robert Scoble, which I broadcasted in Ustream with added backchannel tweets as a video overlay. If you’re interested in the result, you can watch it here (I simultaneously recorded it with Quicktime), although the web page is in Dutch, the video is of course English:

If you’re interested in the method I used: I use Adium with the Twitter IM function (with a separate account with no friends, only tracking a certain hash code) and a message layout with big white letters and a black screen, plus Camtwist with a desktop video source (custom area) with a chroma key on black, so that only the letters remain visible. I should add a black semi-opaque rectangle to make the letters more easily readible, that’s for next time.

This was just a first video after a couple of tests, I’m thinking of producing a regular live show, perhaps interviewing people using video conference calling services. I just wanted to share this with you because I thought you might find it interesting. I’m now going to dive into your blog and see what things and ideas you’ve come up with.

I keep telling everybody that the WHOLE point of doing LIVE video is that you can interact with your audience – and vice versa.