Can you Eat like an Egyptian?

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Pauleece is a regular in our chat room, and hails from Egypt! He wanted to share with us the top ten foods that you MUST eat if you ever get the chance to visit his homeland.

  • AWANES This is made of chicken gizzards. When a whole chicken is boiled to make soup, people cut off the Awanes to eat with then number five food I have listed.
  • ADS This is an orange legume that is boiled in water, and then drank like a soup. It can also be poured over rice. This is something that is often eaten when someone has to fast.
  • MOMBAR There is just no good or easy way to put this. Mombar is the lining of a sheep’s intestine that is stuffed with rice. It really IS delicious, I promise.
  • MOLOKHIA I know this was on the Jordanian list but it’s ours. This is a plant with large green leaves, and the leaves are cooked with taalya. People drink this as a soup, or pour it over rice.
  • HAWAWSHEE This is named after its creator El Sheikh El Hawawshee. It’s a meat sandwich, but the bread and the meat are cooked together.
  • KEBDA This is another name for liver. It’s cow’s liver cooked in a special oily sauce that is very spicy. At least 99% of Egyptians love this dish.
  • SOGO ESKANDARANI This is Alexandrian sausage, which is a special kind of sausage that is cut into slices. It is then usually cooked with the same sauce as the Kebda.
  • KOSHARY Koshary is a mixture of rice, macaroni, fried onions, hummus, tomato sauce and chili.
  • TAAMYA This has the same origin as Falafel, but its made from fava beans. Some countries use chickpeas instead.
  • FOOL Pretty much all North African and Middle Eastern countries make fun of Egyptians for eating this. Fool is basically just ground Java beans. You can use difference spices. There are probably ten million different Fool recipies floating around Egypt!


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