Why I'm Switching Back to Windows XP from Mac OS X

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The experiment is officially over. Today I am going back to Windows XP. I really found myself needing to use Windows software. You don’t realize how dependent you get on utilities like Notepad and Microsoft Paint until you no longer have them. I pulled out all my old software to go through it, and see what is compatible… where.

My old TaxCut versions won’t work on the Mac. The copies of Windows Vista is not compatible with OS X. My MouseWorks… not compatible. I’ve got random stuff that just won’t work on OS X. I mean, seriously… “Testing and Improving your Memory” doesn’t work on OS X? How insane is that?

What about my Lara Croft Tomb Raider game? Why can’t I use that on the Mac? See? I have to go back to Windows XP. Even my Soundblaster drivers won’t work. It’s just nuts. I’m not happy with Mac OS X because of all this. I want my software to work!! As of today, I’m back on XP.


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