Top Five Reasons you Should Play a Real Guitar Instead of Guitar Hero

Nik recently wrote in to remind us that while playing Guitar Hero is fun, it still is just a game. Here are his reasons for why you should learn to play a real guitar… instead of pretending to on a game.

  • First and foremost, playing a real instrument is much “cooler” than playing Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Which one is better to impress people with… being able to play the drum part to Tom Sawyer on Expert level in Rock Band, or being able to do it in real life? You’re not going to be impressing anyone with your digital-rubber- pad-hitting skills. While Rock Band can somewhat teach you how to develop rhythm and coordination, it can’t do much beyond that.
  • Does being able to beat a really hard song on Expert level accomplish anything other than giving you bragging rights? No, it doesn’t. While playing a real guitar seems to accomplish about the same, you have to look a bit deeper. Playing Guitar Hero involves you pressing buttons whenever a colored square comes up on your TV screen. Playing real guitar requires much more concentration and skill. Besides that, it is also very intellectual in the sense that it has you thinking a lot more. Guitar Hero is based on reaction time. Real guitar is about actually learning a song instead of relying on colored squares.
  • It’s not like playing a real instrument is all that hard. If people would put the same amount of time and effort into learning a real instrument as they did practicing Guitar Hero, they would become good and have fun in no time. Sure it seems harder, but all you have to do is put your mind to it.
  • You could actually buy a guitar package complete with books to teach yourself how to play guitar for around the same price as the Guitar Hero package. So why not pick up a real guitar and learn something useful? In the process, you’ll be able to learn a new language… the language of music! Once you can read music, you’ll be able to learn to play any other instrument that exists.
  • For my final point, I’d just like to say this: why pretend to do something when you could do the real thing? Go and buy a guitar or a drum set, practice really hard, try and meet some other people who play instruments, and form a real band! Then, instead of sitting in your basement tapping some plastic buttons, you can take the stage and play REAL music for a REAL audience! You never know how far you can go if you put your mind to it!

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