I'll Think of a Title for this Video Later: I'm Procrastinating

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So yeah, last night Wicket wanted to go for a walk, and then the phone rang and then I wanted to play Tetris for awhile. I never did get around to doing any videos. I mean… why do today what I can put off until tomorrow with?

  • How Much? Look at what you have to do. If you have a few days to do it, like for a project, do a little each day. The quality will end up better, and you won’t be rushed to finish it. If it is a short assignment and it is due tomorrow, then do it when you get home from school. Don’t save projects until the night before, but don’t do it all on the first night!
  • Consequences/Rewards What happens if you don’t do the work? Will you fail and get yelled at? What happens when you do it and get a good grade? Look at what you get from doing the work on time and not being rushed. If you don’t do it, you will most likely get yelled at and possibly grounded. Is that worth the time it would have taken to do the homework? You may think it is pointless right now and you just want to “chill,” but look at the bigger picture. Most of the time it is obvious that the time it would take to do the work is a lot less than the time the time spent getting yelled at or being grounded.
  • Timing Don’t rush yourself. By putting the work off until the last minute, not only are you going to have a reduced-quality piece of work, but you will get stressed. If you have more than 1 day to do it, use those days! If there is only one day to do it, do it early (like when you come home from school) and then look at it again later, or have a parent look at it. Look for mistakes, and make it a bit neater.
  • What Else Is There? If you want to go out with friends, try and get some work done first. If you can’t, do it when you get home. Getting it done while you are awake is important. But, don’t let it consume all your time. If all you do is spend time on work and projects, you are going to get stressed out and in the end, you will probably give up easier on work down the road. Have fun and get your work done. Find the balance that is right for you, but, remember, the work still has to be done.
  • Think About It! This is one that really helps me – thinking about what needs to be done. If there is a lot of stuff to do, think about it. It can make you more aware of how important it is to do it. When you think about it, remember what the rewards and consequences are and where they come into play. Look at the whole picture. What do you have to do? What happens when you don’t do it? What happens when you do it? What other things do I want to do today? This is largely what gets me motivated to do work, as 99% of the time, there is an incentive for me.


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