Food from Canada!

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Ok, so I may not be able to pronounce most of this… but Allan helped me! You guys are all going to make me fat. Every time I get a new list of favorite foods from different regions, I want to try them all!

  • Nanaimo Bars If you happen to be in British Columbia, stop by the city of Nanaimo… which is where this dessert gets its name. These are great. They are basically a crumb-chocolate base with vanilla buttercream as a filling, and soft chocolate on top.
  • Sugar Pie/ Tarte au Sucre If you’re in Quebec, a stop by one of the many Sugar Shacks (where maple syrup is made) is in order. Be sure to try some “Tarte au Sucre”. This is essentially a sugar pie with maple syrup in it, and will satisfy any sweet tooth. After consuming the pie, it is recommended to go for a walk in the forest around the Sugar Shack to avoid subsequent cardio-vascular problems.
  • Montreal Smoked Meat Again, if in Quebec, Motreal is known for its great smoked meat. Montreal has many delis all around the city, and all of them boast some great smoked meat sandwiches.
  • Poutine Alright, so I like Quebec (I live in the province). Although I don’t really like this dish, its popularity is unmistakeable. It’s made of French fries with warm gravy and melted cheese curds. This fast food is extremely popular in Quebec, and will satisfy any humger. It can even be eaten as a full meal.
  • World Flavours Canada is a cultural mosaic, and this proliferation of different cultures gives us a score of great restaurants serving up ethnic dishes. From the family Italian “Trattorias” to be found in Montreal, to the world class Asian restaurants of Vancouver, you can find any food you crave. Granted, some restaurants are better than others, but there’s one to satisfy every taste.


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