Site Advice: BitStrips

I believe will be acquired quickly, if another site doesn’t come along and provide a better (cleaner) user experience first. Out of the gate, they grabbed my attention – it’s easy enough to use, but it could do more.

  • I understand the social experience, but it’d be nice to easily export my creations to Flickr, Picasa, etc.
  • Once you create a character, and a person claims it – that character’s identity should be transfered to the new owner, not remain in your control. As it stands, I now have two Ponzi’s – and a few abandoned characters.
  • I need a random character generator. There are times when I need to choose “someone” for a gag, but don’t want it to be tied (necessarily) to someone’s social profile on-site.
  • If you didn’t already realize it, usability is somewhat of a mess. Controls are a bit clunky, and not always accurate. This is acceptable for now, since you’re one of the first sites to do something so… amazing. Watch out if a design-centric team comes along and trumps your toolset!
  • If you don’t want me to export images, and since you’re already based in Flash, why not animate through the gags and export video to YouTube? Let the artist define stop / focus points, then output the sequence to an MP4 that looks as though one created an entire Flash animation.
  • Send much more descriptive emails – why do I have to come to the site to see where I’ve been featured? Embed the strip within the email itself – you’re sending HTML email for other things. It’s a small pet peeve, especially when most of the comics my avatar is featured in aren’t all that creative or funny.
  • Have you considered private labeling your comic generating platform? I’m guessing quite a few big names would be interested in what you’ve got – but only for their own marketing needs.

The toughest part of using BitStrips is… being witty enough (the onus is most certainly on the writer, not the software). I’ve been waiting for what seems like 34 years for a tool like this.