Do You Have any Halo 3 Tips?

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The same chatter who brought us the World of Warcraft tips has sent me another email. This time, he’s giving us his top five tips on playing Halo 3. Keep these gaming tips coming, folks. People love them!

  • Lead your shots. One big mistake that most people make is that they for example grab a BR and try to act all Halo 2 and not lead their shots. This is a big no no. Most weapons in the game like the BR ( Battle Rifle for the ones who didn’t know ) and Needler need to be leaded. When leading, what you’re doing is aiming where you think your enemy is going to be. By doing this, your bullets will fly there… and your enemy will step into your raining death cloud of bullets.
  • Don’t use vehicles unless you need to Another mistake people make is that they run to a vehicle when the game starts. WRONG!! If you’re playing on a map with vehicles, there are sure to be spartan lasers for you to get blasted by. Please use the next tip before using a vehicle.
  • Let the enemies make the first move. What most teams out there do is that when the game starts they just run like crazy suicide bombers into the match. Please… I repeat… PLEASE let the enemy make the first move. By doing this, you’re getting a little peek into the weapons of your enemies. You also buy some time to make a strategy to take down your power-armed enemies. Voila! You can now their weapons against them. Of course, your enemy will think that you’re not going to take them down first…. BOOM, they fall into your trap. Your team should be well-placed by now, and ready to take down those little noobs…. like birds from the sky. Easy kills means easy XP… which means faster rank ups.
  • Team work What most people do in Halo is just run in thinking they’re some brick wall, and then they get cut like swiss cheese. Look… please make sure to bring your whole team or a partner into battle instead of just yourself. Oh and to make sure you don’t get pwned… please choose a teammate with a balanced weapon to yours. By doing this, you’re making your team stronger than your enemy team (who did what the stupid team from tip three did). It’s not as much fun when teams split up and start playing by themselves.
  • Communication. I have played so many times with a team who doesn’t talk while the game is going on. The best weapon in any shooter game is to know where your enemy is. By doing this, you can also find out what weapon they have, if they’re in a vehicle, or if they’re being followed by teammates. Communication with your team is key to having a successful and fun game.


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